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Enhance your door's lock!
Educators have an obligation to protect the student's who are entrusted to us.  Unfortunately these students are left in an extremely vulnerable position in the moment that they are in the greatest danger.

When an outside threat enters a school, the school goes into a lockdown.  Students are brought into classrooms and doors are locked.  However these children are not safe.  The glass windows that are in every door allow an easy point of entry for an intruder to reach through and open a door.

The solution is the Security Door Block (Patent Pending) from Holsopple Security Solutions LLC.


Everyone agrees that increasing security in schools is a big priority. However there is much disagreement with the best way to do this. Almost every increase in security also brings an increase in risk if the security measures are misused. The Security Door Block strikes a balance that can safely and instantly make your school more secure.

Decreasing Access to Intruders
The best way to protect our children is to decrease access to the classroom. In an emergency the main goal is to buy time and to slow down the intruder. This device can buy the time needed for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. The first response of a teacher must be to lock their door.  However even with a locked door a broken window is an easy path to an open door. However when you add the Security Door Block to a locked door it is impossible for an intruder to open the door in a single motion. If an intruder would continue to try to remove it, they would have to struggle and would leave themselves vulnerable to counter measures from a teacher in the classroom.  

Allowing Access to Authorized Individuals
There are ways to make a door completely impassable. However this can create an additional risk to students. No school would want a possible situation where students could lock a teacher out of a classroom. Neither would they want a situation where students could be trapped in a room.

The beauty of the Security Door Block is that even when it is in place, an authorized individual can still enter the classroom by simply using the classroom key to unlock the door.

This safety feature makes the Security Door Block second to none when it comes to adding protection to our schools.

Ease of Use
During an emergency there is precious little time to secure a room. Students must be moved, doors must be locked, windows must be covered. There are many things to think that will compete for a teacher's attention. The Security Door Block will not be one of them. The block is easily installed in less than 1 second. There are no latches or locks. As soon as a teacher slides it over a door, the door is secure and a teacher can turn their attention back to their students. 

Ready to Use
The Security Door Block is ready to use when it comes out of the box. There is no assembly and you do not need to do anything to prep your door. The moment the block is delivered to a teachers room, that room is instantly ready to be secured.